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24 February 2015

Good Things

I bought a 2014 Wide Glide from you recently and I can't say enough good things about your staff, especially Rick.

Rick has answered many questions of mine via phone and e-mail, sent me pics of my bike, dealt with part orders, etc. etc.

I have bought a few bikes from different dealers over the years and I'm glad I was steered towards Twin Falls for this bike purchase. Never once have I felt that coming to Twin from Boise wasn't worth the drive.

I'll be coming again soon for my 1,000 mile dyno tune and getting my grips replaced (another awesome thing Rick did for me).

In my work, it's not a compliment unless your boss knows about it so I'm letting you know that I have had a great experience at Snake H-D and your employees are top notch.

Anonymous, Boise IDAHO

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07 August 2015

Positive Experience

I want to share an extremely positive experience I had with your staff today. About a month ago I ordered an inner fairing for my 2014 Harley Ultra Limited. Rick Asson called me today to let me know it arrived. I also, very apologetically informed me that it was damaged. He said the someone in service took it out of the box and noticed a crack and called Rick to come back and look at it. Rick told me it was so small he couldn't see it in the indoor light. They had to take it outside and sure enough it was cracked. He even sent me a picture of the crack. It was barely noticeable. Rick and the service technician very easily could have not told me about it and I may not have noticed it. But your people have outstanding integrity and top notch customer service. That is why, even though I live in Boise, I will always make the 2 hour ride to Snake Harley for everything I do to my Harley. Please pass on to Rick and whoever the service technician was that I appreciate their attention to detail, unrivaled integrity, and outstanding customer service. If I were to have any more kids, I'd name one of them Rick.

Jay, Boise IDAHO

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05 September 2015

Awesome Customer Service

Today on my way to Yellowstone my bike started acting up....it was just after 5pm and I called asking what time you closed and explained what my bike was doing. I was told the techs were about to leave so I limped in to your service department with someone standing outside the roll up door waiting for me with clip board and pen in hand ready to take notes on what was wrong with the bike. They rolled it right in, put it on the rack and hooked up the computer, while they were doing that the manager hooked me up with a rental, waving all the fees, I have the extended service plan, and got me rolling to finish my trip. The guy at the service desk game me his phone number so Monday when I get back thru town and drop off the bike on labor day, he will be there and put the bike away. Thank you for everything you guys did today. Awesome customer service.

Brad, Meridian IDAHO

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18 September 2015

Best Service

Below are notes from a call taken in Harley-Davidson Customer Service by your customer Brian Milbrandt regarding his experience in the dealership. Customer Brian was calling to share dealer compliments for Snake Harley-Davidson. He said he is disabled, walked into the dealership with a cane, and met Chris (sales), who was "the most, polite, patient and understanding guy" he has ever worked with. He said Rick helped with financing, answering all his questions without rushing and making sure he understood everything. He said Josh in service was "amazing". He was assisted in parts by Nick who answered all his questions without making him feel inferior. Courtney in motor clothes and another associate were awesome.

He purchased a 2015 FLHTCUTG, he said that Snake HD even delivered a bike cover to his wife's workplace, "without charging!"

He states from the time he walked in the show room to his visit yesterday the dealer is always extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Brian, Twin Falls IDAHO

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17 October 2015

Thank you

Thank you so much for making the trade-in so much easier with our Road King! I just thought I'd let Rick A know I've fallen in love with the Ultra Low!

We've told everyone how wonderful we were treated by the staff at Snake Harley and recommend the trip for their next bike! We've out over 500 miles on it in 7 days!!I'm certain we'll be seeing you again!

Lisa, West Richland WA

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27 October 2015

Great Customer Service

During my trip to Sturgis this year I began experiencing a decelerating wobble in the handle bars of my 2014 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited. The first dealership I stopped at tried to convince me that the wobble was the result of the need to over-inflate my Metzler tires and that my bike was overloaded with luggage. After this technician over-inflated my tires and removed all my luggage, he maintained that the wobble had diminished. I rode the bike in this condition and felt no difference. I left this dealership unsatisfied and continued to the next dealership. This dealership, Snake Harley Davidson of Twin Falls, Idaho, responded quickly and began checking my bike. The Service Manager Dave Fisher, immediately suspected something more serious than a supposedly overloaded bike and the need to exceed the manufacturers suggested tire inflation. After his Master Technician Kane, checked the bike he discovered that the steering head had come loose and needed tightening. In the less than an hour they had me back on the road and enroute to Sturgis with a bike with no wobble. It was definitely concerning to me that had the service department of Snake Harley Davidson not discovered this condition, I could have experienced an worsening problem which could have led to an accident. I have nothing but praised and gratitude to the service department of Snake Harley Davidson. Not only did they fix my bike, they did so in less than one hour, without an appointment, and with a great attitude. On a side note I purchased a couple of items in their store and was greatly pleased with the customer service I received. Everyone I encountered at this dealership greeted you with a smile and a friendly comment. Snake Harley Davidson is an example of what each Harley Davidson Dealership should be like.


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23 January 2016

Lower 48

I just wanted to thank everybody at Snake Harley. This year I've ridden across the lower 48 states, over 40,000 miles. I've been in tons of Harley dealerships over the years. I've never received the personal care and attention that I received from Snake Harley. I was in Twin Falls when I broke down, I called because it was near closing. Service said they'd wait for me to arrive. I got there at closing the tech also waited. He trouble shot it the best he could. but with a dead battery he couldn't get it back up and running. Sales called a local hotel arranging a discount rate for me. Then one of the guys dropped me off at the hotel. When they finished my repair they came to the hotel and picked me up. They did all this for a small electrical repair, it's not like they were installing a new 120cc engine in the bike. Once again, I want to thank each and every one at Snake Harley.

Dirk, Boise IDAHO

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25 January 2016


I had my 2014 Ultra-Limited CVO tuned by Kane. I had the following upgrades to my 110 done at High Desert; SE585 cam, High Flow fuel injectors, 0.58ml Throttle Body, Vance & Hines Headpipe, SEPST, and I installed the Vance & Hines Monster Square exhaust. Kane worked magic and tuned it to where I got 109.32hp and 123.13tq. Now let's look at this in relative terms; the SE120st engine puts out 106hp and 117tq. The numbers I have after Kane dyno'd it are only 10ft lbs off the race-only 120r. I'd say Kane knocked this tune out of the park!!! Thanks Kane for your attention to detail and the practice of your art and science of tuning the best machine on two wheels.

John, Mountain Home IDAHO

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08 February 2016

Totally Impressed

I am totally impressed with the NON-HIGH PRESSURE sales at Snake. While I did buy a 2015 FLHTKL and it was newer than what I was looking for price wise, it all came down to the fact that I was given a very good trade for my bike, excellent price on the new bike and better financing than what was available at my own credit union. TJ, Chris and Nick were really helpful, they actually made my wife and I feel like they wanted our business. It was a pleasure to buy from them and now both the wife and I are happy as can be with our new bike. It was well worth the drive and I saved plenty of money too! You can't go wrong with this dealership, make sure to check with them before you commit anywhere else.

Steve, Boise IDAHO

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26 February 2016

Ecommerce Order

I ordered some Snake Harley Davidson poker chips. They were mailed quickly and safely and I love them! Excellent customer service!

Carol, Greenbelt MD

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08 June 2016

Harley ABC's

I stopped by your shop this afternoon around 4:30 while on the Harley ABC'S of touring and even though you were busy Ken worked me in for an oil change and while I waited Ashley kept me company. Thank you for your kind hospitality.


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09 July 2016

Excellent Customer Service

While I despise CORPORATE Harley Davidson for their lousy customer support and service when they refused to give me a new muffler that changed color at only 100 miles due to putting wrong fuel injectors in my 06 street glide. KUDOS to Snake River Harley Davidson for their EXCELLENT customer service! On a cross-country road trip my clutch went out on the interstate. Saw your billboard and managed to get there. Jason, in service, got us in right away. Tim, the mechanic, diagnosed and fixed the clutch and in 3 hours we were back on the road. Jason graciously offered us use of his bike so we could grab a quick lunch. Service doesn't get any better than that! Everyone there was friendly and helpful. Thank you for the great experience at the Snake Harley Davidson!!

Sal, Easton PA