Winter Storage

Bring your Harley-Davidson® to Snake Harley-Davidson® for winter storage and we will provide proper & insured storage, fuel stabilizer before storage with battery maintained during storage, safety inspection (excluding oil), and a full wash before pick up in the spring (with a 24 hr. Advanced notice before pick up) $365.00. Space is limited, so call to reserve your spot today.

(Some restrictions may apply, additional services can be added & synthetic fluids are additional charge, winter storage available October-March, see service representative for complete details)

Or… Choose to do it yourself and follow this easy check-list to ensure proper storage for your Harley-Davidson®.

Security System (2006 & earlier)

If the key fob is pressed too many times when out of the range of the motorcycle receiver, it can lose synchronization with the motorcycle. To return it to synchronization, just walk up to the motorcycle, then press and hold the key fob button down for 10-15 seconds until the motorcycle flashes its turn signals. The fob and motorcycle will be synchronized again.

Storage with a Security System

Harley-Davidson® Security Systems have a selectable Storage Mode Configuration. This prevents the Security System from discharging the battery during long-term storage. It is adjustable for the number of days the motorcycle sits idle before going into storage mode, and the owner can choose 30, 60, or 90 days, or infinite. (Infinite will keep the motorcycle from going in storage mode.) See your owner’s manual to determine how to do this, or bring the motorcycle into the service department to have the configuration changed for you.


Speaking of discharging batteries… there is NO easier or better way to take care of your Harley-Davidson®’s battery than installing a Battery Tender. Install the battery charging harness on your battery (it also doubles as an electric clothing hookup!) and plug the Battery Tender into the motorcycle when you park it. The Battery Tender uses smart technology that will never overcharge the battery, and will keep it at a level that will allow you to just hop on and ride. Install it yourself, or see our service department for details.

Placing oil-soaked rags in the exhaust outlets and air inlets of your Harley-Davidson® will not only prevent corrosive salt air from entering the motorcycle, it will keep small rodents from using your pride and joy as an upscale winter living space. Mothballs and desiccant will further limit the chance that animals will snack on wires, cables and hoses.

Engine Oil

Change your engine oil just prior to putting your Harley-Davidson® in storage, and then take your motorcycle for a half-hour ride to insure that the engine is up to full operating temperature prior to putting the motorcycle away. The fresh oil will have the maximum anti-corrosion properties and the fewest contaminants, and the fully warmed up engine will prevent any condensation from forming in the engine, thereby limiting corrosion inside the motorcycle engine.

Add the correct amount of fuel stabilizer (such as Sta-bil®) to a FULL fuel tank to prevent corrosion in the fuel system. Run the motorcycle for up to full operating temperature to insure that the entire fuel system is treated. (A full tank prevents corrosion in the unused (air pocket) area of the fuel tank.)


Tires should be inflated to the Harley-Davidson® recommended maximum inflation pressure before winter storage to prevent flat spotting and/or sidewall damage.

Don’t park your Harley-Davidson® near a hot water heater, electric motor or furnace. The high ozone levels given off by these devices will cause the tires and rubber parts to dry rot faster.

Do park your Harley-Davidson® on a piece of plastic to create a vapor barrier between the ground and your motorcycle. Rolling the motorcycle up on blocks of wood will insulate the tires from the cold. Cut two pieces of ½” or thicker plywood into 1 foot squares, and add a 6 inch square for the side stand to rest on.

Breathable cover

Use a breathable cover over your Harley-Davidson® to prevent moisture from building up on the components. Moisture will quickly cause corrosion on chrome, polished and bare surfaces.

Wash and wax

Wash and wax your Harley-Davidson® prior to storage. Be sure to allow the motorcycle to dry completely before putting your motorcycle up for the winter.

Finally, winter does have one good quality. There is NO better time to have Snake Harley-Davidson® perform service or install accessories on your motorcycle. Bring your motorcycle to us and we’ll install those accessories you’ve had your eye on all summer. The best way to get your Harley-Davidson® ready for next season is to have us install those new handlebars and forward controls or that Big Bore kit now instead of missing several days or weeks of riding next summer.

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