Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I do if I lose my security fob?

A. In the event of an emergency (e.g., lost or disabled fob), your Harley-Davidson® Smart Security System can be disarmed through the manual override function. This is an involved process, which requires you to enter a pin number that we have programmed into your Smart Security System. Refer to page 11 for the step-by-step process.

Q. Is towing covered by my factory warranty?

A. No, towing is not covered under your factory warranty. However, active-full and full-life membership in the Harley® Owners Group includes H.O.G.® Roadside Assistance Standard Package coverage for one tow per year up to $100 (upgrades are available). In addition, if you take advantage of the Harley-Davidson® Extended Service Plan, you can receive reimbursements for rental vehicles, pick-up, towing charges and even lodging and meals if you are stranded away from home.

Q. How do I join your H.O.G.® chapter?

A. If you’ve just purchased a new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, you received a complimentary one-year full membership to the Harley® Owners Group.® If you don’t have a current membership, contact our local H.O.G.® chapter at or check with our dealership H.O.G.® representative for details.